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For suppliers

  • 13 December 2014 18:20:32
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Dear suppliers!

We are always happy to cooperate, to contact us please by:
- ICQ 681623506
- Skype info-dealer

To save time, specify a number of gaming right values and in what form are willing to provide.
We do not take the goods to the warehouse, and send e-mail, if necessary, play value indicating the amount you are bidding.


Responsibilities of the Supplier:

1. The supplier shall provide information about the process of production of game assets (in-depth interviews)
2. The supplier is obligated to execute the application as quickly as possible, if it takes more time - let us know.
3. The supplier shall make the screen (using Clip2Net or other similar programs) transaction and on-demand to provide it to us. No screen - No Deal!
4. The regular suppliers have privileges in the price and priority.



- Payment for the supply is made on WebMoney, Visa QIWI Wallet
- Game values should be obtained only by lawful means (without hacking and cheating)



Payment for the service is using a price agreement within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays).


Sincerely, RPG-Dealer

For suppliers
For suppliers

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